Zagreb Guide

City of Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and with its location and culture belongs to the Central Europe.

Interesting history and continuous development brought to the town many landmarks, architectural monuments, and rich cultural offer that attracts many tourists.
From the historic neighborhoods of the Upper Town and Lower Town, numerous religious buildings, cultural and secular institutions, parks and natural attractions, to the modern part of Zagreb, there are beautiful sights that leave you speachless.

Zagreb is a rich culture, festivals, cuisine and shopping oasis, so book your hotel in Zagreb today!

Zagreb Attractions

  • Upper Town

    Located on the slope of the Medvednica Mountain, it was fortified with walls and towers in the 13th century, and many legends are associated with it, like the ones of the Bloody Bride and Stone Gates – the only remaining out of four gates to Gradec, where there is still a unique and frequented shrine covered with devotional plates.

  • Lotrščak Tower

    Among many Zagreb sites located in the Upper Town, one should mention the medieval Lotrščak Tower erected in the 13th century at the south entrance to the former Gradec. One of the landmarks of Zagreb, the Tower is the best preserved part of the former city fortification.

  • Botanic Garden

    Only five-minute walk from Hotel Internationl, the favourite Zagreb park, Botanical Garden is located.

  • Zagreb Funicular

    The Zagreb Funicular links the Upper and Lower towns and its only 64-second long ride makes it the shortest public-transport funicular in the world.

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