Zagreb Funicular

The Zagreb Funicular links the Upper and Lower towns and its only 64-second long ride makes it the shortest public-transport funicular in the world.

Put to action in 1890, the funicular initially had steam engines and sometimes needed a little push from the passengers themselves, while today the electrical ones are used in this, still popular means of transportation. The funicular has kept its original structure and appearance to this day and thus earned the status of a protected monument of culture and one of the key Zagreb sites.

Lower station is located on Tomićeva street which connects to Ilica - Zagreb's longest street, while the upper station is located under Lotrščak Tower at Upper Town Strossmayer promenade.

The idea of building a first Zagreb funicular, came to the entrepreneur D.W. Klein, while he was looking at the frequency of pedestrian traffic. After analysis, the entrepreneur found that most people use Tomic street to reach the Upper Town, not other like Mesnička or Radićeva Street.
Financial viability of the project was beyond doubt, so the entrepreneur from Osijek quickly became involved in the construction of the shortest railway in the world.

Zagreb Funicular has up until nowadays kept the original structure and appearance, which earned her the status of protected cultural monument and one of the main Zagreb landmarks.

"Old Lady" is one the safest means of transport in the world

The Old Lady, as respectfully the Funicular is called by Zagreb citizens, in 2010. celebrated the 120th anniversary. In more than a century there were no accidents, not one passenger was hurt, so convincingly the Funicular carries the title of the safest means of public transport, not only in the Croatia, but globally as well.

Zagreb funicular has fully retained its original exterior and building construction, and the most of technical characteristics that her builders have made.

Tickets and where to buy

The Zagreb Funicular is managed by ZET ( Zagreb Electric Tram ) today, and the price of a ticket is 4 HRK or approximately about 0.5 EUR.
Tickets can be purchased by the by the driver at the upper station of dispatch or the operator's cabin on the lower funicular station.
The funicular ride is also included in all ZET tickets ( for tram or bus), within their lifetime.
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