Lotrščak Tower

Among many Zagreb sites located in the Upper Town, one should mention the medieval Lotrščak Tower erected in the 13th century at the south entrance to the former Gradec. One of the landmarks of Zagreb, the Tower is the best preserved part of the former city fortification.

Back in the old days, the thieves’ bell, after which the Tower got its name, would go off in the evenings, and for more than a hundred years, the legendary Grič cannon has been firing from the Tower to mark midday. According to the legend, the shot from the cannon curbed the Turks’ invasion of the city. An interesting fact is that the Tower used to be leased to the citizens, provided that it can be used for defence purposes, and today, the Tower, with its beautiful view over Zagreb, contains a museum and a souvenir shop..

According to legend, Grič canon fired a shot from Lotrščak Tower at noon on the Turkish camp located across the Sava river. Canonball blew the rooster on a platter the cook was carrying to the Turkish pasha. After that incredible shot Turkish souldiers ran away without attacking Zagreb. The legend says that citizens of Zagreb continued firing from the Grič canon every day at noon, in gratitude. Nowadays, Grič canon is filled only with paper and gun powder today, so “shots” that you can here at noon aren't dangerous in any way.

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